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The latest cancer news for cancer research. Inform yourselves about the newest technologies, best practices and studies in the field of cancer diseases and tumors.

  • Novel therapy makes oxidative stress deadly to cancer June 21, 2018
    Oxidative stress can help tumors thrive, but one way novel cancer treatments work is by pushing levels to the point where it instead helps them die, scientists report.
  • New drug halves hearing loss in children following cancer treatment June 20, 2018
    Giving the drug sodium thiosulphate after chemotherapy reduces hearing loss in children treated for liver cancer, according to new findings.
  • Competition for space: Oncogenic mutant cells vs normal cells June 20, 2018
    Researchers discovered how oncogenic mutant cells selectively expand into surrounding normal tissues and occupy them based on prediction by computer simulation and experimental verification.
  • How pancreatic tumors lead to weight loss June 20, 2018
    A study offers insight into the weight loss seen in pancreatic cancer patients, and suggests that weight loss may not necessarily affect patients' survival.
  • Towards personalised medicine: One type of data is not enough June 20, 2018
    To understand the biology of diseased organs researchers can use different types of molecular data. One of the biggest computational challenges at the moment is integrating these multiple data types. A new computational method jointly analyses different types of molecular data and disentangles the sources of disease variability to guide personalised treatmen […]
  • New therapeutic opportunity for the treatment of resistant malignant melanoma June 20, 2018
    Researchers have revealed that malignant melanoma can reprogram their protein synthesis machinery and become addicted to a new family of enzymes that modify transfer RNAs during acquired resistance. The inhibition of these molecules synergies with targeted therapies to produce a strong anti-tumoral effect. These new findings will be key in the development of […]
  • Rare in-vivo study shows weak brain nodes have strong influence on memory network June 20, 2018
    The majority of existing simulation studies show that the parts of the brain with high connectivity, the so-called 'hubs', are most important when it comes to several different cognitive tasks. But the results of a rare in-vivo study demonstrates that the nucleus accumbens (NAc) -- a part of the brain with weak connections -- plays an unexpectedly […]