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The latest cancer news for cancer research. Inform yourselves about the newest technologies, best practices and studies in the field of cancer diseases and tumors.

  • Taking the 'killer' out of natural killer cells June 13, 2019
    The virus responsible for chickenpox and shingles employs a powerful strategy of immune evasion, inhibiting the ability of natural killer cells to destroy infected cells and produce molecules that help control viral infection, according to a a new study.
  • Special fibroblasts help pancreatic cancer cells evade immune detection June 13, 2019
    A subpopulation of fibroblasts called apCAFs can interact with the immune system to help pancreatic cancer cells avoid detection. Understanding how they work can be key in developing therapeutics for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
  • Lowering cholesterol is not enough to reduce hyperactivity of the immune system June 13, 2019
    Despite treatment with statins, many patients with elevated cholesterol levels will still develop cardiovascular disease. It is apparent that not only cholesterol but also the immune system plays an important role in the development of atherosclerosis. Researchers now provide a novel potential explanation for this residual cardiovascular risk, related to per […]
  • Cardiac toxicity risk factors identified with relapsed multiple myeloma therapy June 13, 2019
    More than half of patients with relapsed multiple myeloma treated with carfilzomib experienced cardiac issues during treatment, according to a multi-institutional study. The study recommends that patients undergo a detailed cardiovascular history before being prescribed carfilzomib and then be monitored with natriuretic peptide testing, an indicator for hear […]
  • Increase in resolution, scale takes CT scanning and diagnosis to the next level June 13, 2019
    Researchers have developed a new, 3D tissue imaging technique, called X-ray histotomography. The technique allows researchers to study the details of cells in a zebrafish tissue sample without having to cut it into slices.
  • 'Virtual biopsy' device to detect skin tumors June 13, 2019
    Using sound vibrations and pulses of near-infrared light, a scientist has developed a new 'virtual biopsy' device that can quickly determine a skin lesion's depth and potential malignancy without using a scalpel.
  • A gut feeling: Microbiome changes may mean early detection of colorectal cancer June 12, 2019
    Most sporadic colorectal cancers can develop over decades. Recent studies showed that the gut microbiome has possible diagnostic potential for health and disease. Researchers assessed fecal samples from patients who underwent colonoscopy to study the relationship between gut microbiota and colorectal cancer. They found specific markers that could discriminat […]