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Jan Perry editor with The CINCINNATI Post wrote: “It’s time for the monthly wrap-up of readers’ favorite sites CancerGroup.com. After my cancer columns last fall, a patient called my attention to the Cancer Group Institute site. You’ll find notes, articles and links for facts about all forms of cancer. There are reviews and information about clinical trials completed around the world as well as alternative treatments currently in the preliminary testing phase.”


Your board reviews have been extremely helpful. I have been able to find next to nothing regarding board books online.

Right now I am almost doing a hit and miss type of studying. The free sample questions you sent me were just what I was looking for.

Thank you for your help.

Dr. L.H., Ontario


Thank you for the breast cancer books. I have read them and they will help me when I see a new Orthopedic oncologist and my regular docs who treated me. I am a physician’s daughter and have questions.!..

Any idea when the Clinical and especially the Holistic books will be finished? Will be glad to have them ASAP.



Thank you preparing this series of subject reviews in Radiation Oncology. Like many others in my field, I’ve experienced the frustration in trying to “weed” through the major texts to glean information essential for board review. Dr. J.H., Ashland, Ky

I’m very glad that you have followed through with your idea to publish your reviews. With a little bitterness, I will never understand why leaders in our field have not done this years earlier. Just about any other medical specialty has ample board review materials available to their residents at reasonable cost. Dr. T.N., Clarksville, TN

Your notes are very good! Dr. M.S., Chicago, IL