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What You Need To Know About Bladder Cancer

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Bladder Cancer


How Does the Normal Bladder Work?

The bladder is a muscular, expandable sac in the pelvis, normally about 3 inches across. It collects urine from two ureter tubes, one from each kidney. These ureters enter the bladder at the top, and fill it. To empty, the bladder drains the collected urine down through the single urethra tube, which comes off of the bladder at its bottom.

In males the first part of this urethra is surrounded by the prostate gland, and the remainder surrounded by the penis. In females, the urethra is shorter an exits out to a hole(“meatus”) between the upper vaginal folds.

In both males and females, the front of the bladder rests against the muscular pelvic wall; the rear of the bladder rests against the rectum in males, while in females the uterus lies between the bladder and rectum. The upper surface is covered with a protective membrane (“peritoneum”). A muscle, the “urethral sphincter”, surrounds the urethra to control urine output.

The empty bladder is triangular,it assume an oval (“ovoid”) shape and pushes up into the lower abdomen as it fills up. The inside of the bladder is lined with a layer of cells, called “transitional epithelial” cells, which slide over each other to expand the bladder lining as it fills.

These cells are about 7 cell layers thick in empty bladder, but only 2 layers thick in the full bladder. The bladder receives blood from major branches (“internal iliac”) off of the body’s main artery (“aorta”).

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