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Recalled Oncology Board Review Questions

$ 99.99

The latest edition of our popular book for Oncologists seeking a comprehensive update on current standards of care. Recalled Oncology Board Review Questions – With Answers.

This is the latest  Third Edition. 564 pages.

Updated March 2014. Check the sample pages before you buy, to make sure this is what you require.

100’s of Questions with answers. We have a 96% pass rate.



Recalled Oncology Board Review Questions – And Answers – Third Edition.


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Dear Medical Personnel,

Ace the oncology boards with our most up-to-date, comprehensive self-paced review books!

Based on dialogue and exchange of ideas and opinions of previous exam sitters, this in-depth question-and-answer review book and workbook covers the entire specialty of oncology and provides thorough preparation for anyone planning on taking the oncology boards for the first time or just for CME.

Inside, readers will discover hundreds of multiple-choice and logical case-based questions along with the biology, diagnosis, staging, and multimodality and inter-disciplinary approach to standardize treatment of cancers at every anatomic site. Included are different chapters on molecular techniques, targeted therapies, and current approaches to correct cancer prevention.

Detailed answers and explanations follow the questions to help our readers grasp the ‘how and ‘why’ behind each correct response.

We have found since 1996, when we first introduced our reviews, that this is the ideal way to maximize exam scores for today’s student and residents, and practising Oncologists to freshen up their knowledge base in an easy-to-follow format.

Some of the Department Heads, hospitals and residents using our books are Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, Columbia, NYU, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando, Tift Regional Cancer Center, Instituto Oncologia Moderna, Puerto Rico plus many others.

Check our sample pages before you buy, to make sure this is what you require.

Third Edition. Updated 2014. 564 pages.

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