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Wonder Mask Exfoliator & Skin Renewing Cream

$ 100.00

Product Description

Wonder Mask Exfoliator & Skin Renewing Cream.

My name is Dr. Esther Elisha.

I am a Hadassah Medical School graduate MD. I came to the United States in in 1989. I was working toward becoming an MD in the USA as well.

This was my plan but G-d had other plans for me. I worked in Florida

Atlantic University as an Assistant Professor in Medical Technology faculty, preparing for my BIG exam. One day I had a car accident which left me almost disabled. After trying traditional treatments and therapies without much result I decided to try acupuncture.

Acupuncture helped me to gain my health back with no side effects. I was so impressed with the result I decided to study this area of medicine. I graduated from Acupuncture Acupressure Institute in Miami FL with clinical training in Sri Lanka at The Open International University. I have been practicing Holistic Medicine 16 years. I use only natural herbs with my patients.

I have gained so much confidence with natural herbs that when I started to see aging signs on my face, I knew I could treat the wrinkles with natures wisdom.

I formulated “Cleopatra” type products using only 100% natural ingredients. These healthy skin care products are made with a special method of synergy and balance including Okinawa secrets of beauty. My products replace deficiencies which occur due to the effect of different environmental toxins. My Elishea product line nourish the cells to produce elastin and collagen naturally.

My inspiration to create this line was from fear of cancer. Many products on the market have a lot of carcinogenic ingredients, except mine.

I am a certified Cosmetic Chemist and I want to make a difference in the world, helping others.